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This is my new PEACE collection! After many years of working on my artshirts designs, I was drawn to come back to the boards with a collaboration of my digital designs, collage and canvas. These are pop art meets street art meets collage meets PEACE.
The original hand for this piece is a photo of my own peace fingers digitally mastered to get out the good vibes and message of peace.
I love the idea of spray painted street art and this hand represents that style, it's immediacy and boldness. This PEACE is a contrast of mania and calmness: crazy but fun and always cool.
Because this is a layered collage, the surface is textured and imperfect like true street art. Enjoy the uniqueness of the PEACE

Red Peace 2

  • Paper and acrylic paint on stretched canvas, water-based matte varnish,

    Ready to hang

  • 30cm x 30cm x 3.5 cm

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