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I moved to Australia over a decade ago from Chicago and ever since then the natural beauty, colours and experiences of this country have inspired me to create my interpretations of these elements.

My style is abstract and contains representations of landscapes, sunsets, beaches, oceans and my dreams. I’ve been told I’m an emotional painter - which is true -  but once the painting is completed, it takes on a life, beauty and story of its own and is open to a personal interpretation from the viewer. I also like to keep a mindful approach to my painting – that the creative process is as important as the finished work.

I love to paint with acrylics and oils and overlay it with charcoal and oil pastels. 

To get the creative juices flowing I like to connect with people and be encouraged by their stories and energy. Sometimes images just pop into my head and it’s a mission for me to get them onto the canvas before the next one comes.

If you are interested in buying a painting, please see the info page.


"It's not what you do that is primary. It's how you do what you do."

Eckhart Tolle

 art shirts 

The idea for the 'untrammeled' painting and subsequently the t-shirt came from a visit to the National Gallery Victoria in Melbourne to view the MoMA exhibition. Spanning over 130 years of Modern and Contemporary art, one painting and quote in particular struck a cord of authenticity within me.


Ad Rinehardt, an New York abstract painter from the 1930's to 1960's, exhibited his No. 107 white monochrome painting. On the artwork label, Ad was quoted; "Abstract painting is not just another school, movement or style but the first truly unmannered and untrammeled and unentangled, styless, universal painting." 

My art-shirts are a natural progression from my abstract paintings. The designs are a photographed image from my artwork and then hand screen printed printed on each shirt. Each shirt is a unique piece of original art with a universal message.


Unentangled and unmannered coming soon. Enjoy!

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